Friday, March 19, 2010

Tax Time Again!

The Internal Revenue Service has many tax breaks for families, college students, homeowners, and other groups. In this economy citizens need all the help they can get. The United Way of Pasco can help individuals and families file their income tax returns for free. It is as easy as dialing 211. Pasco United Way partnered with the IRS and has trained volunteers working at various locations in Pasco County to prepare taxes for citizens. Call 211 and the information referral specialist will arrange an appointment for you to have your taxes prepared at a location closest to your home.

If you really want to do those taxes yourself remember you can file your return electronically (e-file). To e-file you log on to the IRS website, click on e-file and you will be directed to various websites which you can use to file your taxes. Read through the descriptions and pick the best agency that fits your circumstances. If you do not have a computer with access to the Internet, the Pasco County Public Library has computers available for you to use. The Library also has e-government laptops with extended time limits, so you do not have to feel rushed. If you have your own laptop, the libraries provide free wireless service.

The IRS has a series of videos describing the tax breaks available. You can view these on YouTube or on Pasco County's e-government tools page.  Click on "E-Government Videos." Check these and other e-government videos brought to you by Pasco County Libraries.


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